Saturday, July 2, 2011

Numa says:

Numa is my 13-year old cat, a seal lynx point who's also a rumpy part Manx. I adopted her and her sister, Capra, to be companions to Koshka, my first cat. (Mr Magnificent Tail, I used to call him.) Koshka died after being hit by a car in 1999, and Capra disappeared two years later. In 2002, just prior to moving to a new state, I adopted Nellie. Numa was enormously resentful at first, but the two of them are firm friends now. Nellie is a foil to Numa, so wait till you hear her comments!

1. Don't confine yourself to the box: think outside of it!
2. Yes, I'll take another helping of cantaloupe.
3. Of course the bed is for sleeping!! I just have many sleep modes: snuggling, kneading, stretching.
4. Never choose the first sleeping position that comes to you. Try it for a few seconds, then go to another pose. Not good enough? Okay, walk around a bit and think of something else. Maybe come back to the first. Make sure that she whom you own is aware of your experiments.